Wednesday, August 1, 2012 is a Hoax

OK, so being that I really liked Outlook and all its interconnected glory and that I,  like many users, wish that Outlook Web Access was a free service,  I jumped at the chance to try is Microsoft's update to the popular Hotmail email service. It is packed with Skydrive support among other cool features.

So I log in, and what do I see?   A new mail screen!   BUT........I have seen this before.  Hmmmm.
So I hover the mouse pointer over the Outlook logo....and down comes this new menu.......

Its the Metro Mail app from Windows 8!  And the People app and the Calendar app and of course Skydrive.

 So then is a trick to get you to use the new metro apps in Windows 8.  These new apps are functional and efficient but nowhere near the level of Outlook.  Plus what was one app is now three and then there are the colors.....its like an AT&T Wireless commercial.   It seems Microsoft has confused "thinking outside the box" with actually jumping into another one.

So enjoy (or not) the new Hotmail interface.


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