Tuesday, February 21, 2012

All of Your Tech News in One Place

So, you've discovered RSS feeds. RSS which is short for Really Simple Syndication, is an easy way to grab the news on the web and read it without opening a web browser.  Widgets, Gadgets and other small programs known as RSS Readers allow you scroll through news that is important to you in a very short period of time.  There is just one problem.  You have to subscribe to each feed separately.  If you have to reload your program or RSS reader, you are stuck having to remember all the places you subscribed to.  There is a better way.   One web page that will load all of your RSS feeds on to one Web Page and display the headlines from all of them.   It will save your settings with a simple login.   What is this nirvana? www.dailyrotation.com.
Default view. You can always add more feeds.

 Yep, this is a shameless plug for a website that has saved me time and connected me to more tech news than I can handle.    Above is a screen shot of the basic configuration.    A word of warning: This website will make you the most annoying person to talk to or share news with, so be polite.  When someone asks you if you heard about some New Awesome Titanium Alloy Super Phone or a Fragger Surprise Video Card, just smile and let them finish.  Because we both know....of course you have heard about that!


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  1. If it's not in my rss feed.. I didnt read it :-)